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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

I don't have any "agenda." And I never said I "ignored" the ethnic difference, I just don't see it as overwhelmingly more significant than the other differences I mentioned. For instance, in college I knew two really gorgeous young women, both around the same height, both with huge smiles, high foreheads and cheekbones, and sleek, leggy figures, and I thought of them as looking a lot alike, even though one was a green-eyed strawberry blonde and the other was a fairly dark-complexioned African-American. To me, that difference was outweighed by all the similarities. Conversely, the way I perceive a given woman's appearance can be radically altered just by a change in her hairstyle. In high school, I had a hopeless crush on a girl for two years, knowing it was hopeless but unable to move on because I just found her so beautiful, but then she got a perm and I lost interest. In other cases, I've had trouble recognizing actresses when they change the style or color of their hair.

So ethnicity is simply not the overriding factor in the way I perceive people or the differences between people. It's just one element in the mix and not always the one that looms largest in my perceptions. That's not a political agenda, it's simply the way my brain processes the appearance of other people. All I was doing was offering an alternative perspective on the question under discussion. Discussion means exploring an issue from multiple angles, examining all its possible facets. If you feel threatened by the existence of alternative points of view, that says more about your "agendas" than mine.
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