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Re: Which actor looks the most like Superman to you?

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For my money, Dean Cain looks the least like Superman. Superman should always have that all-American look to him, and Cain always looked too Hawaiian for me to buy him as the Man of Steel (Liked his Clark a lot, though!)
Dean Cain was born in Michigan and grew up in Malibu. His birth father was a half-Japanese man who served in the US Army. Otherwise, his ancestry is primarily Welsh, with some Irish and French Canadian thrown in.

I didn't even find out Dean Cain was part-Japanese until after Lois & Clark ended, so I never noticed any ethnic distinction. I just didn't think he looked or sounded that much like Superman. Of course, the people who cast him were more interested in Clark than Superman; their original idea was never to show Superman at all but focus solely on Clark, Lois, and the Planet. That's why Cain beat out Kevin Sorbo for the role. Sorbo definitely would've had the look for Superman if he'd dyed his hair black, but Cain made a better Clark.
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