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The Church nacelles are like every other good Trek spaceship - they look really good from some angles and a little weird from others. I see the "droop" effect but it's only a nuisance in a still shot from one angle. If anything, the things seem to rise rather extremely from front to back in most views.
It seems that you don't want to say much that is unflattering about the new design. That's fine. Indeed, better than fine, that's mature and professional.
It's also what I think.

You know, the Excelsior is a remarkably popular design now, considering how widely it was reviled in fandom when there was any concern at all - for some months after ST III - in fandom that the next version of the Enterprise might resemble it. The most common complaint then was proportions - the nacelles were too long, the engineering section was impossibly long, the whole thing too squat. That the designers at ILM were so direct in expressing their preference for it and its advantages as a shooting model in public didn't help matters at all, and when one of them said in a Cinefantastique interview the thing about the existing Enterprise that the Abrams folks would probably never say - "I hate that ship" - matters went from bad to worse. Really, all this boiled down to then - or now - was "it's really different from what I expect."
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