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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

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All I'm saying is that it was a a notable, visible change this time around. It's like when everyone was complaining about the casting for The Last Airbender. I think I remember you responding quite negatively to it.
I did when I thought the casting process was unfairly biased in favor of white actors. I later learned those fears were unfounded, that actors of all ethnicities were fairly considered for all roles, and accepted the rationale that casting the right actor regardless of ethnicity was the most important thing. After all, it wasn't trying to be the same reality, but a different interpretation of the premise. This show is the same way.

And I'd say the changes from Anne Parillaud to Bridget Fonda to Peta Wilson are considerable. It's not like they were all alike by any means. One was Francophone, the others Anglophone. One was black-haired, one red-haired, one blonde. Parillaud and Fonda are 5'6", Wilson is 5'10". Parillaud has a slim figure, Wilson is rather curvaceous, Fonda is in between. Three very different women.

As for Maggie Q, she's the same height as Parillaud and Fonda, has black hair like Parillaud, has long hair like Wilson did as Nikita, is Anglophone like Fonda and Wilson, and has a slim figure like Parillaud. She's worked as a model like Wilson and (recently) Fonda. She even has the same first name as Fonda's character in Point of No Return. So she has similarities to all the others, just as all the others have differences from one another. Ethnicity is just one ingredient in the mix, and I don't think it outweighs the rest.
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