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The Church nacelles are like every other good Trek spaceship - they look really good from some angles and a little weird from others. I see the "droop" effect but it's only a nuisance in a still shot from one angle. If anything, the things seem to rise rather extremely from front to back in most views.
It seems that you don't want to say much that is unflattering about the new design. That's fine. Indeed, better than fine, that's mature and professional.

I submit, however, that the JJ-Prise nacelles look droopy from more than just one angle, that the amount of droopiness is in fact a flaw (rather than a sure-sign of a good design), and that this is a flaw that could be corrected with a few simple tweaks.

Yes, there is an admirable boldness to the new design and it does look better in motion (with copious lens flare - LOL), than in still images. Nevertheless, the high praise which your latest design has garnered here shows, I think, that it is a design which could possibly be improved upon in some aspects. In short, the last film's ship didn't really "nail it" the way the TMP design did.
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