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Re: Lost Sulu fan film trailer 'STA: A Time to Heal' finally online

Actually, this isn't the same production group. The hardest thing about this situation is that there are two groups out there who are trying to produce a fan film with the same footage. Both groups claim rights to the footage.

One, led by Da Han, has a pretty poor Super8mm transfer to VHS, and a Yahoo webpage where you have to register to see the footage. They also are promoting a book based on the filming of the episode, but I don't know if it's been written yet.

The other, led by Stan Woo, has the original footage but doesn't have a website or presently a means to provide it to the web. It was about this other collective that the announcement was made a few days ago. Stan has verified that there is presently a new effort to digitize the original footage, and that we all may finally see this fan film as he intended.
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