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Huh? RCA, why do you think this comes across as a TNG-era refit? I'd think of it more as an alternate pre-TMP ... emphasis on the "alternate".
I enjoy the various ways that people try to fit these designs into a logical progression of eras - they used to classify them that way in the download area of 3DW, and mine would wind up all over the map. I really give no particular thought to that when I build one.

There are various details that I carried forward from the TOS ship - but then, so did Church.
And I think that's fantastic. As much as I love the original Enterprise, I'm bored to tears with it and prefer to see new takes on the old girl. Naturally, the more creative efforts will be harder and harder to classify. Vektor's work and Deg3D have both done a fantastic job keeping the look amazingly close to the original and yet refined and more creative. And your experiments go a little farther afield and yet still have a solid, believable feel, like something that comes out of an alternate universe. I love it!
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