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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

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Maggie Q is one of the biggest action stars on Earth right now, though she's better known in Hong Kong than the US. And her profile in the US has been on the rise.
This is actually the first I have ever seen of her.

Christopher wrote: View Post
It makes perfect sense that they'd want to cast the best, and not rule her out for trivial reasons like ethnicity.
I didn't see anything from her in this pilot that was notably good. Maybe that's just me.

Christopher wrote: View Post
After all, it's not like there's anything about the character that requires her to be a given race.
I didn't say there was, I was merely citing the the precedent of Caucasian actors being associated with Nikita across three different iterations of the franchise and I found that such a huge change caused dissonance for me. Like I said as well, if I was impressed by her acting it would have slipped me by. Instead, she left me kind of bored and let my mind wander.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And it's not like she hasn't changed nationality before, from French to American (and possibly to Canadian?). Or in terms of actresses, from French to American to Australian, and now to a Vietnamese-American actress born in Hawaii.
All I'm saying is that it was a a notable, visible change this time around. It's like when everyone was complaining about the casting for The Last Airbender. I think I remember you responding quite negatively to it.

I'm not even responding strongly. Just pointing out that I couldn't help but notice and it took me out of the show a little because her performance didn't keep my full attention.
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