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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

As a huge fan of the original LFN series, I have to give this a thumbs down. My expectations were low coming into the show and even so I was not that entertained. If Alias was too much like La Femme Nikita, Nikita is too much like if Alias was actively trying to rip off La Femme Nikita.

Did not like Maggie Q. I don't find her sexy or particularly attractive. Her acting was forgettable. I do think casting an Asian for a role played again and again by a Caucasian is weird and causes unnecessary dissonance for me who has followed the franchise through so many incarnations. Probably wouldn't have been an issue if I was impressed with her acting. Then again, combined with the blah writing she didn't really have much chance to impress either.

Interesting side note, I never found Peta Wilson all that attractive either. I did think she had a powerful sexuality that worked in her favor, but she never really got a rise out of me physically.

This version of the Michael character is terrible. He has no menace, no authority, no sense of gravitas. This version is a complete limp-dick so far. He is physically attractive enough for a Michael type--but it ends there.

Alex, the new recruit. Thought her acting was shaky at times, especially during her introduction, but she seemed to get a little better as the episode went on. She's attractive, certainly easy to look at. I liked the character better before the twist.

Percy, the new Operations? Similar to Michael. No gravitas. He feels utterly ineffectual and I feel no strength whatsoever behind him.

New Birkoff. He's a nerd! Right? Nerd?! Did they mention he was a NERD?! Lame. All around terrible introduction on the writer's part, but I can't fault the actor yet.

New Madeline/Old Amanda from the french film? I guess she was okay. She fulfilled her role.

New version of Section One, Division. Why they changed the name, I don't know. But, they've seemed to neuter the very concept of the organization. Now, it's evil and run amok from the very start. They've painted this whole thing in black and white. In the original series, Section One was all about shades of grey; they would appease a child molester in order to shut down a mass terrorist organization and in the end sometimes they would not give the molester what they deserved. It was an exploration of utilitarianism, of 'do the ends justify the means'. While I can forgive the pilot for not getting into this yet (I can only hope they explore this later), I can fault the pilot for going out of its way to make Nikita the good one and the organization the bad one.

Overall, below average for me. While I feel there is an off chance a lot of problems could be fixed... I'm not sure I'm willing to stick around to see. I may have to just rewatch with my LFN DVDs.

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