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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Whoa...I REALLY hope Brenok can pull her back from the edge this time! These two Nadars certainly deserve punishment for the decisions that they have made--they should bear full responsibility. But if she thinks she's going to start killing EVERYBODY with that DNA regardless of the decision she's made, I have a feeling that the Ghemor government is going to prove that they're stronger than she thinks and hunt her down.

I did like what she said about Cardassia not being another people's Dominion, however--that at least shows that she's learned something.

The discussion about the massage really put her and Brenok in an awkward position! At first I thought that maybe Brenok would be more comfortable with Ma'Kan than his commanding officer...but I guess he can at least trust Jarol not to cross the line and get ideas in her head...
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