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Yeah, those level designs in the first Halo were a drag. I suppose what bothered me most about what little I saw of the second one was what I felt was repetitive game-play. Just clearing one room after another is the kind of mindless shooter that does very little for me.
The main thing I enjoy about the Halo games are the big action set-pieces and how epic it feels when you're in the middle of them. Sadly, there's not much of that in Halo CE, that game plays more like a standard FPS where you're a guy out to save the galaxy on your own, and most of the action takes place in rooms and corridors. The library level in particular bores me because it's just you in the same brown corridors for an hour or two shooting the same bad guys. There's only a couple of moments where Halo CE feels epic, such as the beginning of the Silent Cartographer mission, or the final warthog run.

Halo 2 is better in this regard, the action is bigger and most of the time you're working with a group of guys rather than on your own. Then, Halo 3 made things even bigger, most of the missions have at least 1 big action moment, and it's great fun trying to take down a Covenant scarab tank with a squad of rocket troopers on mongeese. This is one of the reasons why I wasn't a fan of ODST, all the big action set-pieces happened during the day, but the night-time section was just you on your own shooting your way through a repetitive city. There was some good moments, but it was mainly walking from courtyard to courtyard taking down Covenant troops on the way.

I wouldn't call myself a PC purist or anything, just lacking in funds so sticking with a platform I already own just makes sense and the savings are generally worth missing out on the odd console exclusive title. By and large, a lot of the really good games come out on PC still and the prices tend to drop a lot more and indeed, more rapidly too than console titles.
I only got a PS2 because I was a huge GTA fanboy and couldn't stand waiting for Vice City to show up on PC, and even then I tended to play the PC more. But with the Xbox 360, I really got into console gaming, it's nice to be able to play games with my feet up rather than being hunched at my desk. Now my PC is used only for strategy games, because you can't play a "proper" strategy game with anything other than a keyboard and mouse.

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I'm curious, do you prefer H2 and H3 over the original because of singleplayer or multiplayer aspects? Or both? I for one think the original Halo: Combat Evolved is still unmatched in the franchise in terms of the multiplayer mechanics, skill-requirements and balancing.
I only prefer the singleplayer games, I don't play much multiplayer, and when I do I don't mind the differences between the four games. But the most fun I had in Halo multiplayer was in Halo CE in a 1v1 match. The two of us were fairly evenly matched and we played the game very strategically. With all the extra weapons and abilities in the newer games, it probably wouldn't have been as tense.
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