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Re: "I think he did a little too much LDS"

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What does that have to do with anything?
... and what does throwing some random nutter out of a movie theater have to do with Science Fiction & Fantasy?
Well it did happen during a sci-fi movie, one that was advertised as "The Ultimate Trip".

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Who knows what the guy was on if anything, but I guess you could assume he wasen't in his right mind. I didn't hear what he was saying that started the whole thing, but I'm willing to bet he was just getting off on that shit and making his emotions vocal. They didn't have to treat him like a freaking leaper and aplaud. Get him out of there if you must, but don't be assholes. I've seen my share of annoying loud people in theatres, but you don't have to whip out the pitch forks and torches. As far as the Cops taking too long and tazering the guy 5 times, I would be surprised if they didn't do that. They were probably finishing their donut. I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. Next time dude will at home and trip balls. It's more fun that way anyway. He was probably scared to death and didn't realize what was going on anyway.
The first bit of applause was when they turned the movie off. The second bit was for the people who got "Robert" out of there. This wasn't a case of a loud, annoying person. This was a person having a full on meltdown, most likely drug induced. It happened right after the stargate sequence and this wasn't just some random person walking in off the street. He was there to experience 2001 in his own unique way and he wasn't able to handle it. This video starts in the middle of the event. He was standing, shouting and causing a disruption which led to this person to record it. You can even hear someone from the theater tell him the police are on there way (you can hear the "5 seconds to get out" part) and he didn't leave.

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