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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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Josh! Im away for a day and theres loads to go through.

Janeway Rulz:

A body double is some one who stands in place of the actor/actress while they are setting up certain shots, plus they also use them for scenes if they have better body parts etc. The daughter was a spitting image of Xena.
Does your friend's daughter still get stopped on the street by confused fans?

I picked up the 10th anniversary set of Xena this week, after watching the commentaries on youtube (can't find an ep online) and I have to say, I'm suitable impressed. Naturally, they wouldn't have put "the dogs" on the special set, those eps that sent Admiral Hawthorn running from the series in its (?) 4th year, but those from 4 & 5 that I've seen were great.

It has given me a new appreciation of the youtube vid that combines Xena, Voyager and BSG.

Haven't seen everything yet, but so far i can say that I LOVED "Been there, Done that".
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