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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

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So, this Nikita is supposed to be a follow on of sorts to the other Nikita movies/shows?

Also, I see what Christopher is saying about having a point of view character, though I would rather that character be Nikita herself. Perhaps the pilot could be the story of her recruitment and her eventual turning against the Division.


I don't think it's literally in the continuity of the previous versions. It's basically using the concept of the old versions as the backstory for the new series.

The story of her recruitment and gradual disillusionment was already told at length in the old series, so I can see where they would want to skip over that this time around. Just to do something different.
I see what you're saying, for fans of the movies and the old show, but what about new fans, like me? I think the new show would be better served by showing us that disillusionment and breaking away. Hopefully it wouldn't be exactly like the previous films enough to keep the older fans interested or at least intrigued. Regarding Doctor Who, I would argue that the Nikita franchise history isn't as long as DW's, plus it isn't a linked continuity. To me the new Nikita is a remake and isn't directly linked to the past movies/shows. I mean, its the same concept, but its a new take.

The main reason I want to see the recruitment process is I want to get more into Nikita's head. I want to see her transformation. I also want to get a better sense of who she is and why she hates Division so much, what drives her, what is she fighting for. With the Alias and 24 openers, I think we got a better sense of who Syndey and Jack Bauer were as people and pretty much invested in them immediately, if you liked the characters/shows that is. Even with Human Target, we got to see Christopher Chance's interactions with Winston and Guerrero, to get a sense of the guy. USA's Covert Affairs, which I'm not much of a fan of, pulled this off better in their pilot than Nikita. With Nikita, we did get some hints but not quite enough for me.

I caught the reair last night and I thought the pilot was good overall. I thought Nikita got that West African general to the UN a little too easy, but I did like the twist with Michael, and even though I had found out about the big twist, it was still nice. I'll stick with it. The action isn't bad and it provides a weekly chance to see Maggie Q kick tail and wear bikinis.
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