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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
I'll just clarify my intentions regarding this particular project: "What would the Thermians do?"
Awesome -- that's a fantastic way to put it.

WWTD? -- What Would the Thermians Do?

Indeed, that's the most accurate way to put most of the fanac engaged-in on the Treknology side. Somebody needs to make little wrist bracelets that read, "What Would the Thermians Do?" and sell them at cons ...

Anyway, I totally understand where you're coming from and have no desire to dissuade you. If the project you want to do is to place the original Enterprise into the "Enterprise design lineage" as established by the franchise as a whole, more power to you.

It's fantastic work, and as is evidenced by the notes you've posted, you've clearly done considerably more research on the subject than I. Kudos.

I was simply pointing out that there are two perspectives: WWTD? and WWMJD? -- What Would Matt Jeffries Do?

My contention is that WWTD != WWMJD. But that's fine -- no reason that it should. I just throw the idea out there, use it or not. You're still doing fantastic work.

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