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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Notice that everything's going on up in the nacelles.
If the engines consume the majority of the reactor output (charged plasma) it would make sense to put the reactors in the engines. But if the power converters have to be fiddled with by the crew, then place them where the crew can get at them casually.

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Dilithium crystals were needed for something, but it was never clear entirely what.
Half the energy of antimatter annihilation is in the form of neutrinos, if the dilithium crystals could absorb/harvested this energy, convert it into say electrical power, using a piezoelectric effect, this would explain the power loss (dimming lights, battery use) that occur when the crystals are lost.

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All the later artwork shows the domes as Bussard collectors
Problem with this is that in First Contact Zepram Cockrane's test ship possessed these domes. Given the brevity of the flight and that it was in the inner solar system, bussard collectors would seem to have been unnecessary.

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Your diagram would indicate that even without crystals, the ship could initiate warp, but I believe the original show directly contradicts that in several episodes.
Cockrane's ship would've been unlikely to be equipped with dilithium crystals. Mudd's Women suggested that the ship can move at slower warp speeds without crystals.

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