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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

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Enjoyed the pilot well enough.

But I think the show is going to have a real problem sustaining a credible threat from the Division. Nikita knows too much about them, including seemingly all the bigwigs and their operational doctrines for it to take longer than one season for her to bring the Division down. Especially considering she has perhaps two moles inside it.

If Nikita knows who the leader of the Division is why doesn't she kill him? It is the same problem that Sidney faced in Alias, and which that show wisely ended early by bringing SD-6 down midway through season 2.
I felt pretty much the same way. The show actually impressed me considering the awful ads for it set my expectations way low. This fulfills my "big dumb action" quotient quite nicely.

Assuming the show doesn't get cancelled first, I don't think Division will last much more than a season or two, with Nikita taking them out only to reveal another more dangerous layer of foes coupled with a few acts of treachery along the way.

I thought the show worked fine as an introduction by focusing on the action aspects of the show. We know Nikita's pissed at Division and will do anything to take them down. I'm fine with getting more of this Nikita's backstory as the show unfolds.
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