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Re: The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Okay so, I am terribly sorry for continually updating with new designs but honestly, creating a fleet of ships that resemble one another and fit an overall engineering aesthetic, is difficult to say the very least. However, there are times when the light of God shines down upon my work, and brings to life something I have longed to bring out from the shackled corners of my over active mind..

see below..

there have been slight modifications to the ships of the series over time, and I think that now, I finally have the look and feel I always wanted from these Gallifreyan Bowships.

The main fleet looks like this chart, 1 dreadnought 2 Heavy cruisers, 3 light cruisers, 4 escort fighters, and 1 massive support ship. escort fighters and support ships coming soon, as well as the warship design and the flagship (Rassilon's personal ship)..

I hope you guys dig this:

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