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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

Josh! Im away for a day and theres loads to go through.

Janeway Rulz:

Womens work- Kate Bushes song is on a advert which totally spoils any enjoyment for me.

A body double is some one who stands in place of the actor/actress while they are setting up certain shots, plus they also use them for scenes if they have better body parts etc. The daughter was a spitting image of Xena.

J/c Lovestory was so sweet!
SaveTonight- Is on my fav list already
Note That Different - Awesome, saved it.
Feels like home- Loved the lyrics
Kiss the Girl - Chakotay at his charming self again

Regfar: Excellent video and the end bit made me laugh.

AMG: Might Like You Better - I agree the music did spoil it and white linking was a bit annoying.

I loved Hellelujah and added it to my favourite.

You Making Me High - it needs an X rating.
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