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Re: 7 Of 9's Costume?

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As far as those costumes, she was meant to be the ultimate eye candy-and it worked.

She's something of an household name or at least she made it into pop culture.

That uniform was meant to hug ever curve on the female bod.

There's scene in "The Gift" where we get to see the 'revealing' of Seven right after they remove some of the implants.

She is in the skin tight uniform and looks to be doing this pose as the camera slowly zooms in on her.

Funny, even as an assimilated Bor she was sexy-they showed off her figure.

But she did a good job acting as assimilated Borg Seven too, which her character built off of.
That and every sci-fi show has a sexy babe in it, Seven was this for Voyager.
Gene Roddenberry was always infusing sexuality in Trek(Hello, doesn't anybody remember all the half naked people running around TOS & TNG when Gene was still producing the show?), now suddenly we've become appaled at a women in a full body leotard? If Gene was still alive, she;d probably be in nothing but a bra & panties. Compared to what Gene was getting away with, Seven's catsuit is tasteful & respectful.

It's like nobody has ever heard of Emma Peel.
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