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Re: Nikita: "Pilot" - Sept. 9 on The CW - Grading & Discussion

I haven't seen the pilot, but that trailer makes it look stylistically far too much like Alias for my taste (and with an even cheesier soundtrack) and far too little like the Canadian series La Femme Nikita with Peta Wilson, which I really loved. (Not that I dislike Alias, but I could never help comparing it with LFN, what with so many similarities in the concept and characters - and that makes it suffer in my eyes; style, music, and the overall feeling was what made me love LFN, in addition to the actors. Alias's style felt a bit too... mainstream US TV, or like Felicity with spies.)

Also, the "Michael" character is acting far too emotional to be in any way similar to the previous versions of the character. (I'm also not too happy with the casting of Shane West, who is a bit too baby-faced).
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