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Re: New Trek Series?

A new series is plausible.
I vote for a Captain Pike series, spun off from the new film universe and perhaps even launched as a subplot in one of the sequels of the Abram's franchise... Pike is an established character in Trek, and a solid link to classic Trek lore and it's reboot. And giving the series a familiar link with a character ripe for further development. A Pike series would be a reboot inside a reboot based on concepts and characters from Star Trek's earliest draft, but still being something totally new.

It could be done well, on a quality network, with Bruce Greenwood reprising his role as Pike (no he was not paralyzed, he was just recuperating after being tortured). As a well established actor whose done both television and film roles, Greenwood could carry a series and give the show weight and credibility.

With Christopher Pike being a highly experienced Starfleet captain we'd see him as an anchor to the supporting cast, a distant mentor like Grissom in CSI. He could be the captain of a smaller ship with a stripped down crew, perhaps even with academy students among them. Bring back "Number One" from The Cage, and with a mix of rookie and veteran crew members interacting on a smaller, lighter duty ship. Done with the film's stylistic production values, but as a TV series, attention could still be given to tell solid stories closer to the roots of TOS, infused with action while not being a direct clone of NuTrek, just a healthy mix. A series less focused on battle scenes and more on adventurous exploration.
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