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Re: Why does Germany get the cool novel covers?

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In the books it say Kadohata has a Port Shangri-la accent, did anyone who's written her have a real word one in mind for it?
In Kadohata's very first scene in Q&A, it's said simply that "she spoke with a British accent." It was later that it was revealed she actually spoke with a Port Shangri-la accent that sounded pretty much indistinguishable from a British accent. (Although the actress that the authors have pretty much settled on as the basis for her, Stephanie Jacobsen, has an Australian accent.)

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I thought Lt. Choudhury was Indian too.
Why the past tense? She is ethnically Indian. That's as true now as it's been all along.

Though I thought since she came from Mallarashtra Province, Deneva it was implied that a Denevan English accent was rather British sounding and at least that part of Deneva was heavily Indian in origin and culture.
When I've written her, I've imagined her with an understated South Asian accent. (In fact, I initially wrote her as being Punjabi by birth, maybe from Amritsar or somewhere around there, but Dave wanted something less obvious and picked Deneva off the top of his head -- which then made him cackle wickedly as he realized he could put her through an emotional wringer since he already planned to wipe out Deneva. Yes, I actually heard him cackle wickedly through an e-mail.)
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