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Re: Google Instant

I seems more distracting than anything.

Don't get me wrong...I really like this effect in small, controlled playing fields. The Mac OS X help menu does this within an application, for example. It works well there because everything in the help menu is related to that program you're using. It's all somewhat relevant.

Similarly, I enjoy it on the store because, well, there are only so many Apple products and many of them are similar to each other.

So I like it in a small pool.

But what happens in the ocean? What happens when you apply it to the ENTIRE internet? It means that you often get flung from one end of the universe to the other just by adding a few letters. That's a lot different than going from "Macbook" to "Macbook Pro."

The random ping-ponging on such a wide court makes me ask "what good is this doing me?"

I don't really have an answer.
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