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BOBW2 viewscreen FX shot - transmission breakups

When watching 'The Best of Both Worlds, Part Two', Ep#401 I noticed at 10:45 in that Admiral Hanson on the viewscreen was broken up.
Now that looks very standard definition NTSC video to me.
I'm guessing if there were a TNG-R done on a best-of or full season level the viewscreen shots when there was a data transmission breakup would be changed to a 'digital-video-breakup look' ala ENT or Star Trek XI (2009).

Since all face-to-face communication is digital since the 2000s via digital satellites wouldn't all data transmissions be a digital video signal with a "digital video look" artifacts during data transmission issues? We've all seen DVDs and DirectTV/DishNetwork digital satellite breakup & artifacting during transmission. It looks totally different that this season 4 episode from 1990 set in the 24th century.
I can't see the 24th century Starfleet reverting back to analog video processing/transmissions of any kind when digital data transmission of voice/audio transmissions became the norm in the 2000s with cable TV, satellite, fiber optics, and the IP video. Those all use digital video in some form.

This would be especially wrong during any video sent during a subspace transmission which by itself permitted the sending of data and messages across interstellar distances faster than the speed of light.
memory alpha mentions:
In fact, Starships rarely even monitored frequencies that traveled at the speed of light or slower.
What do you guys think?

Would you want an 'analog-video-artifact-looking' picture breakup on the viewscreen or should it look closer to VOY, and ENT viewscreen digital-video-artifact-looking picture breakups if they were to remaster TNG in HD?
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