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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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I probably won't play Dragon Age. I love Bio Ware and all but the fantasy setting... enh.
I would suggest reconsidering. I'm not a fantasy person as well, but an outstanding game is still an outstanding game, despite the setting.
I love the story, the setting, and the characters of Dragon Age: Origins, but next to the Mass Effect games, playing the Dragon Age games with their Baldur's Gate-style engine, uninvolving combat, and voiceless protagonists feels like a huge step backward. I hope the upgrades and improvements made to DA2 will be similar to what ME2 was like compared to its own predecessor.
Actually, I like DA:O for the same reasons you dislike it. I also prefer the ME games overall, but DA:O was a very nice change of pace and a nice throwback to the Baldur's Gate games (which I loved).

Also, the differences between the two franchises were very much intentional by design, e.g. the voiceless protagonists.
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