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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

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Is this something I should know about?
Not necessarily... Ivo Andric was a Nobel prize-winning Yugoslavian author. I don't know how famous he is worldwide, I guess he is moderately well known, and I know that many of his works have been translated to English and many other languages. Among other things, he wrote a novella called Anikina vremena (I don't know if it was ever published in English - had to google it to see how the title was translated in English, apparently it's Legends of Anika, but that may be just the translation of the title of the film adaptation made in 1950s Anika is the name of the main female character, the title actually means something like "The times of Anika" or "Anika's times". I had to read several of his works in elementary and high school, but that one wasn't among them - that one I read because the subject seemed interesting.
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