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resolution for telecine for Blu-ray/HD syndication

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Hopefully they have it ready for the next level of "TrueHD". Surely a resolution jump will happen again sometime down the road.
It will be scanned at 4K resolution, which is about double 1080p, if I recall correctly.
Look if TPTB Paramount/CBS Home Video decide to transfer TNG to syndicate on cable in HD, download as rental in HD, download to own in HD, or on Blu-ray in HD they will telecine the film at 1080p.
Only A-level feature films get a 4k telecine.

Start Wreck you may as well checkout:
Super Hi-vision (SHV) & Ultra High Definition Video (UHDV), Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) [(7680 x 4320) resolution]
as that will be around in 2020-2025.

For CBS Home Video to make money from the Star Trek TNG property they would be wise to have a product to sell in 2012-2013 on Blu-ray or they will lose out on the physical media market as the physical media disc market will fade out in 10 years.
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