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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Sepp Blatter has a new stupid fucking idea...

Sepp Blatter could scrap extra time in a huge World Cup shake-up though has hinted he may just restore the Golden Goal.
I have no problem with Golden Goal being back, infact I still like my idea of the 1st period being Silver and the 2nd being Golden because you must make Extra time different from the standard 90...

However scrapping Extra time from all World Cup matches would be just insane, theres a certain high pressure to Extra time that makes for good viewing/tension so just restore Golden Goal rather then remove ET. Why the fuck they took Golden or Silver goal out in the first place was daft though am sure it had something to do with TV networks wanting more air time for more $$$ . Loads of sport have some sort of OT/ET system so we should keep ours.

I have no problem with this in the FA cup early round replays for example or for 2 leg affairs in CL cause you play so much football (180 mins) in those cases that ET does seem out of place especially where the stupid fucking AWAY GOAL give in europe basically gives one team 30 min more than the other to get one based on he luck of who plays at home 2nd sort that out first Blatter and co.
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