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Really had to get this sucker out of the way so that I can concentrate on another mesh now, in my copious free time.

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The only thing that still bugs me about the new one is the placement of the neck and deflector. That still looks weird to me.
The deflector is a little too big in diameter relative to the engineering hull, for me - in fact, my least favorite part of Church's design is the engineering hull. It harks back in an exaggerated way to the underweight engineering hull on the TOS ship. One of the significant improvements that Jefferies made when he revised the lines of the model for "Star Trek Phase II" was to fatten that part of the ship up.

The neck on the JJPrise actually makes a much stronger and more plausible connection between the two hulls; in that respect it's more similar to the 1701-D. It's pretty clear when you actually study the design that they did a lot of research into all the different versions of the Enterprise and to Trek starship design in general; there are visual references to the Excelsior as well.
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