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Re: Who would you cast for an imaginary TNG Reboot

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How about Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Troi?
That's another option. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything mature, which I feel is important for Troi to be taken seriously. She does have the looks though.
To be honest, Marina's filmography prior to TNG is spotty. She didn't have many roles where her character even had a name, so lack of prior form in main-cast drama isn't necessarily an obstacle. As for Mary, it sort of depends if you count being Lucy McClane in Die Hard 4 as mature or not.
Oh, I don't mean that she hasn't made a name for herself. Someone who's never been in anything before could be the perfect person for the job. I just haven't seen MEW in anything that makes her like the image I have of Troi in my head. I could be wrong, she might be perfect.
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