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Re: Who would you cast for an imaginary TNG Reboot

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I just had a cool idea for a reinvented version of TNG: Combine the characters of Tasha Yar and Ro Laren. Call her Ro, but blend her Bajoran-Occupation backstory with Tasha's story of a woman who grew up under hellish conditions and came to see Starfleet as her salvation from them. But have her be not as "domesticated" an officer as Tasha, more prone to defiance like Ro, which creates more inner conflict.
I actually really like this. The one problem is that I was going to have her hellish planet be somewhat inspired by the Maquis in that it was the result of a bad agreement in the Kitomer Accords and because of that she hates Klingons, making her relationship with Worf...

Klingon/Cardassian Treaty? I think so.

I this case I'm leaning more towards de Ravin. I think she can play an alien better.

Edit: Would "Yar Laren" be too cheesy of a name?
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