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Re: Who would you cast for an imaginary TNG Reboot

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Commander William Riker- Ian Somerhalder (I think he's perfect for the untested, yet driven XO and I think he'd be able to grow into her role)
Never cared for him.

Lieutenant Deanna Troi- Emmy Rossum
Why is she only a lieutenant in your version?

Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge- Lee Thompson Young (I feel like he's can be kind of geeky, yet he can be cool at the same time. And since we're in an era of nerdiness being kind of "cool" I think we need a cool chief engineer while still staying true to the character. He was easily the best part of Flash Forward)
That's an interesting choice. He also plays Vic "Cyborg" Stone on Smallville, so he has some experience playing a guy with bionic parts.

And personally I thought John Cho was the best part of FlashForward, but Young was good too.

Lieutenant Natasha Yar- Allison Mack, but only because I don't want to say Emilie de Ravin (I think both can play varried roles where they can show some sensitivity, yet at the same time be very strong women, which is how I see Yar. With her history, it would make sense that she would be relatively broken, yet trying to hide it with her rocky exterior. I think both can do that. Emilie would be my first choice due to how she played Claire in Lost from Season 1-4 to Season 6, but I don't want to make it seem like I can only think of people from Lost)
Of those two, I'd prefer de Ravin. I recall her doing a good job as the menacing Curupira on BeastMaster: The Series, so I think she has more of an edge.

And I'd probably switch Wesley to a girl, although I don't really like the name Leslie. Don't know why, someone by the name of Leslie probably did something to me in another life.
Can't quite agree with that, since Leslie happens to be my middle name...
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