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Re: Who would you cast for an imaginary TNG Reboot

Okay, I've made my cast list. I'd prefer a TV show, because I think if done right, you can do more with the format, some some of these people are decidedly film actors. The beautiful thing about fantasy casting is that it can be completely unlikely.

Captain Jean Luc Picard- Jason Issacs (I think he has the gravitas for the role. He can play the hardass captain and I think he can play the gentle side)

Commander William Riker- Ian Somerhalder (I think he's perfect for the untested, yet driven XO and I think he'd be able to grow into her role)

Lieutenant Commander Data- Zachary Quinto (I watched Heroes before he was casted as Spock and he would have been my choice back then. He has a very robotic quality to him, in a good way and I would believe him on a quest to be human, though I would probably change his origin to be a product of an alien species. If female, I'd go with the 100% shameless type casting of Summer Glau)

Lieutenant Deanna Troi- Emmy Rossum (Way too high profile, but she's one of my favorites. She's a pretty good actress and I think she has the angelic beauty and I think she can play an intelligent professional as well. Plus, she was in Dragonball Z, which means she's not opposed to the genre)

Lieutenant Worf- Naveen Andrews (I always liked Worf better when he was playing up the child of two worlds, rather that uber-Klingon warrior, which frankly clashed with his Starfleet duties. I believe Andrews is perfect to play a person tormented by where he comes from. Plus he can play a badass when need be).

Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge- Lee Thompson Young (I feel like he's can be kind of geeky, yet he can be cool at the same time. And since we're in an era of nerdiness being kind of "cool" I think we need a cool chief engineer while still staying true to the character. He was easily the best part of Flash Forward)

Dr. Beverly Crusher- Gillian Anderson (Nuff said. We already know she can play a Doctor, which I have to imagine is pretty difficult. Crusher, to me is someone who should be kind of normal, in an extraordinary world and I think Anderson can excell at that. She also has that classic beauty that I associate with the good Doctor)

Lieutenant Natasha Yar- Allison Mack, but only because I don't want to say Emilie de Ravin (I think both can play varried roles where they can show some sensitivity, yet at the same time be very strong women, which is how I see Yar. With her history, it would make sense that she would be relatively broken, yet trying to hide it with her rocky exterior. I think both can do that. Emilie would be my first choice due to how she played Claire in Lost from Season 1-4 to Season 6, but I don't want to make it seem like I can only think of people from Lost)

Q- Michael Emerson (He was born to play the role of the sometimes good, sometimes evil always troublesome Q. Yes, I know he's from Lost, but honestly who could be better?)

And I'd probably switch Wesley to a girl, although I don't really like the name Leslie. Don't know why, someone by the name of Leslie probably did something to me in another life. But I think that the single mother/son relationship is a television cliche. So making her a girl would change that. Maybe have someone like Kay Panabaker play her.
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