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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Jeff O'Connor wrote: View Post
I would bring to the table the following suggestions:

For a fun, exciting, in-your-face, episodic kind of series in the spirit of the new film:
Joe Flanigan;
Mark Sheppard;
Nathan Fillion;
Adam Baldwin;
Tom Hanks;
Robin Williams;

For a darker, more serialized take on the franchise, a la DS9:
Torri Higginson;
James Marsters;
Gillian Anderson;
David Boreaneaz;
Christopher Judge;
Michelle Forbes;
Tom Hanks;
Robin Williams;

For a particularly philosophical journey rife with metaphor, a la TOS and TNG:
Michael Shanks;
Claudia Black;
Ian McKellan;
Leonardo DiCaprio;
Tom Hanks;
Robin Williams
You do love your Tom Hanks and Robin Williams!
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