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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

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Analog Kid, Istyer, I really like those. Always good to see new "characters"...even Chandler Bing?!

Care to comment on how you chose the heads or on the characters?
Most of those were requests people made. Otherwise for Klingons I look for dudes with goatees. I don't believe I've tried a female Klingon yet.

Romulans are more a matter of just picking someone out who "strikes me" right. There's really no system. I guess I look for "angular" facial features.

For Star Fleet officers, I tend to pick actors who seem like they'd do well playing a character who "fits" in Star Trek, and then look for an image that matches up with a Star Trek image that I can use, preferably a picture where the actor's hairstyle doesn't look too glaringly "modern" and the actor is clean shaven.
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