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If this had been the STXI starship, I wouldn't have complained. Oh, sure, I might have made a smart-as* comment or two about the locust wings or the Clinton eyes on the nacelles (a bit like casting a blue-eyed Kirk), but nothing here is so dramatic that it alters the character of the ship.

What Dennis has done here is corrected the Ryan Church 1701. Now, if he had been one of the designers in the movie, and this ship had been shown to J. J. Abrams, my guess is that Abrams would have rejected it as being too much like the original ship. I actually wonder if Church or John Eaves may have submitted a design that was much more like this Challenger in the beginning, and Abrams' reply was, "Make it different somehow," so to please the guy he jutted the nose forward and tipped the wings up. And he said, "Oooh, yeah, go with that!" Seeing the "making-of" video on the STXI Blu-ray gave me a little insight into that director's character, and I think there's more Ed Wood in that guy than most people give him credit for.

But I digress. This ship would've worked for me. Certain things don't require changing, and this design doesn't trample on those things.

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