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No, it's not - when I first took a good look at the JJPrise, I was surprised by the number of design cues that seemed to be carried forward from the TOS version of the ship almost bypassing the next three or four decades of ships.

The Church nacelles are like every other good Trek spaceship - they look really good from some angles and a little weird from others. I see the "droop" effect but it's only a nuisance in a still shot from one angle. If anything, the things seem to rise rather extremely from front to back in most views.

Kelso, I positioned the deflector - oddly enough - just about like the TOS deflector.

I started out somewhat further from the Refit, where the engineering hull is concerned, and moved back toward it. The front's different, the rear cove is longer...probably the closest bit to the Refit is the torpedo assembly, and its cross section is larger and rounder. Everything on this is just a little rounder than on the Refit. I wasn't able to use a single part of the mesh for the Refit that I did years ago, though I'd originally thought I would. Maybe I'll do a variation on a variation at some point, curving the pylons and so forth.
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