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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx

Well so, Qwert is rounding out nicely with all the telling little details slipped in along the way (his ready recall of all facts Laurenti & his partners of old). Iím getting the feeling youíre really enjoying promenading him. But, truth is, all the story and all the character work is just packed with detail that slips in past the readerís radar to paint a greater whole; as per the striphead byplay ó all in all a class technique there; textual pointillism.

It feels as though we are gazing down one of those childrenís kaleidoscopes, where every turn of the disc, throws up new aspects of old elements ó case in point being Turner & Prinís tangents on the same situation. Neither the fleeters nor the Laurenti are paragons of unity albeit the Laurenti are further down Fragmentation Road than the fleeters. Thereís nothing like a war zone for forging odd alliances, who knows what kinds of groupings we are going to see amidst the corridors of Onyx ( Benjamini & Groves ).

That said it is surprising how many of the key players are still conveniently reeling along ó perhaps a touch of Deus ex Machina there, given Qwertís high Federation body count earlier, or is it that the Laurenti simply havenít any experience at insurrection and are bodging it terribly? They just havenít the instincts of a Benjamini or Kesí Admiral . . . and wouldnít you love to see those two butting heads.

Going off-campus; a question that begs to be asked ó is Security Officer Garibaldi an homage to a certain other Security Chief?
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