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Re: The Law Returns. This Time With His Helmet On! Judge Dredd!

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Dunst was more Gwen Stacy than Mary Jane in her performance of the character in the trilogy...
Yep. I've always thought of her as a Gwen/MJ composite, kind of like how the DC Animated Universe's Tim Drake was a Jason Todd/Tim Drake composite.

Nevertheless fans are fickle and protective of their favorite characters actually looking and acting like the characters they're taken from with regards to adaptions.
For me, it depends on the execution. Looking right is preferable, but if they cast someone who doesn't look right but does a great job, I'm fine with it. I love redheads, but Kristin Kreuk is one of the most stunning women on the planet, so I didn't have a problem with the change. And while Michael Clark Duncan doesn't impress me too much as an actor, I doubt there's any other decent actor out there who could've come physically as close to the Kingpin's build and presence. On the other hand, I've never felt that Hugh Jackman was really right for Wolverine, since I just don't find him convincing as a savage, tormented wild man, and thus I'm less inclined to excuse the fact that he's way too tall and good-looking for Wolverine.
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