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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

ENG march on but am not going to be decieved that formation is too easy to bypass in our middle and the bigger teams will punish us no doubt.

My Ratings
Hart (6) - Poor night of kicking and dropped catches, looked nervy and was maybe a little too easily beaten for the goal.

Johnson (7) - Much better game and got forward well setting up the 1st goal. Still not without his doubts at the back but still a good peformance overall.

Jagielka (7) - Not much to say other than solid, which is what you want from a defender.

Lescott (7) - Virtually the same as Jagks, a big surprise not only to be picked but also to put in a solid shift.

A.Cole (6.5) - Didn't get forward as well and looked a little off the pace at times though his knee was strapped so maybe not 100% fit, Still never really troubled.

Johnson (8) - Man of match, came on and the Swiss couldn't handled him. Took his goal so well and must start ahead of Walcott for the near future.

Barry (6) - Went around his game with little fuss but still slow to close down the space and along with Stevie should of never allowed the swiss scorer to even shoot.

Gerrard (6.5) - To deep, not his best position for ENG and Capello needs to give more freedom to one of the central midfielders. However decent link up play with Rooney once again but would be better if they did it further upfield.

Milner (6.5) - Put in a hard shift though needs to play in centre for me in a 5 midfield, not comfortable on the wing IMO. Stupid foul to get booked rules him out of next game must learn from it.

Rooney (7) - Scored his first ENG goal for a year and played well in the first half. However 2nd half he was never in the game and still dropping FAR too deep even for a deep lying forward role.

Defoe (6) - Average peformance with no real link up play and missed 2 very decent chances putting them over the bar.


Walcott (N/A) - Was involved in the first goal but then injured again However Ref to blame some what as he was targeted by the Swiss for a good kicking with 4 fouls on him in the opening 11 minutes.

SWP (5) - Didn't need to come on and my god miss hit the most simple pass to deny Bent a sure fire goal.

Bent (6) - Took his goal well though was very lucky to be onside when Swiss defender decided at the last second to play him on. Spent rest of game actually being offside and his goal does nothing for me to say he can play at this level.

Capello got a little lucky IMO and when we were 2-0 he should of gone 5 in the middle to shut up shot and not wait for 2-1. Also bringing SWP on when your 2-1 up and soaking up tons of pressure was a massive gamble, can't get away with that at a big tourney...

Still making weird subs just like in the WC needs to learn.

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