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Re: 7 Of 9's Costume?

I am so-ooooo-o slow.

It took me years after watching the Phantom Menace to notice that Anikan Skywalker was also suddenly Little Orphan Annie, but now I have to stumble over discovering exactly the same oversight: Little Annie Hansen was orphaned after the Borg assimilated her parents.

Fuck me.

Miss Hannigan = The Borg Queen

Daddy Warbucks = I should say Janeway, but the Doctor actually looked after her fatherly and he was bald.

Punjab (The ethnic butler/Also bald.) Chakotay if janeway is Warbucks, otherwise the Doctor. (warbucks and Punjub lived together with out any women in the house for quite a while, and you heard grace going on about how he really really wanted a young boy... But those two were about as into one another as Kathy and Chuckles.)

Sandy (The Dog) Harry Kim.

Allegories amok!
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