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Re: 7 Of 9's Costume?

I agree with the ferengi. There is much pleasure in taking off nd imaing how you will take off a womans clothing.

In TNG, that's just what peopel wore. The style or lack of or 80s style they used was, hurpmf, uniform.

DS9 changed that. layers. Lots of civilians. Loo-ooking good.

here's a thought.

What if if the Doctor just wan't hip?

he was twenty years behind the times.

Unless he was being retro or backward on purpose, as he wasn't dressing Seven like a sex worker, he was dressing seven like a grandma to AVOID the gal being drooled over and preyed on?

I'd also address the points that she was a child and had no practice or talent for dresing herself, and a few episodes of her looking like she was playing dress up in mommies closet would have been as Hilarious as Ivanova teaching Delenn about haircare. Child or not she had a huge empty space in place of this basic human activity.
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