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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Billy D has 2 n half years left I think of his current deal but fuck it give him till Jan and if were near relegation get rid of the idiot.

Speaking of money matters, a bit of digging and there are some Forest fans who are concered about our money...

in 2008 Forest had a debt of 43.8 million though a large sum of this was to the chariman himself who could choose to write some of it off not too mention he was still to sell his controlling share in Umbro.

Its hard to finds numbers for now but it does seem our debt has been lowered since returning to the Championship so it probably somewhere in the mid to low 30's. After spending fuck all so far we probably will continue to drop as long as we stay in the Championship.

There is a myth we are almost debt free because a fair chunk is owned to the chairman and not a bank but we will see what happens there.
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