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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

Rabittooth, your Tarantino TOS manips are fantastic. Bravo

Arpy, sure thing. Lt Chambers (Perry) and Lt Fairchild (Doherty) are based on friends of mine. They chose the actors themselves after a few suggestions were thrown their way. I like to think they match the real people quite well. The USS Exeter was a 2371 set RPG series I had. After the Odyssey is destroyed, the UFP suspend travel through the Bajoran Wyrmhole except for one vessel - an envoy sent to the Gamma Quadran to find and contact these mysterious 'Founders' and negotiate a settlement with them. But in my universe, the Founders' identity is more of a mystery for a longer period of time. No-one's even sure if they exist or are just a scare story invented by the Vorta. Lt Chambers is a big believer of the old adage "Humour is the best medicine", but sometimes doesn't know when to stop and goes off onto bizarre tangents. Lt Fairchild is a chirpy, excitable sort. Has great enthusiasm for her work, but often gets way ahead of herself, which is sometimes a help, but also sometimes a hindrance.

Lt Cadamarteri (Brendon) is from the same universe, dropped off on DS9 by the Exeter while it's undergoing crew rotation before its mission. He's a little bit of a know-it-all who gets on Kira's nerves, but strikes an affinity with Odo due to their shared deadpan humour.

Tasha in early DS9/Voy uniform is from an alternate universe where Will Riker is killed on Vagra II instead of her, plunging Troi into a depression she never fully emerges from. She's promoted after the events of Q Who which initially go much worse for this Enterprise, but would have been deadly had it not been for her tactics and leadership in defending the incursion and giving the ship an avenue of escape.

At Wolf 359, she's part of a three-person striketeam who penetrate the cube and sever its connection to the Borg Queen. Without her to focus and enforce the will of the collective, the individual drones are no longer able to effectively fight back. Unfortunately that severence initiates a self-destruct instruction, the cube destroying itself with so much energy, it leaves behind a singularity which drags half of the surviving fleet in. Tasha is able to program an angle of entry to fly their runabout into the one spot where it's theorised they won't be crushed by the event horizon - like finding the eye of a hurricane. Emerging on the other side, her two crewmates are dead and she's barely clinging on to life. The Enterprise picks her up, but she soon finds she's traversed quantum realities and is now located in the regular TNG universe where she's shocked to find Riker alive and well, amongst other historical changes.

Donaldson, Gunn and Darcy are all creations of the friend Chambers was based on. He wrote for them in my Voyager reboot. Donaldson (Floyd) is whiny and has little aptitude, but his career is saved by the fact that he's a sharpshooting prodigy and rates very highly for combat reflexes. Gunn (Tallman) is a gung-ho sort, who is partnered with Donaldson and becomes exasperated to the point of wanting to throttle him much of the time. Darcy (Benz) is an expert logistics coordinator who gets killed in the pilot episode after a three-way battle with Maquis terrorists and a Kazon boarding party to retake the Voyager.

Robinson (Hatcher) is the same character from the season two TNG episode The Outrageous Okona. After a tour of duty on the Enterprise, O'Brien recommends her for cross-training at Primary Operations. She eventually takes the Ops posting on the USS Stoker which guards the Federation/Cardassian frontier after the armistice. The ship is involved in several border clashes though and when peace talks get underway, several of the Stoker's officers are removed from their posts due to vocal anti-Cardassian sentiment. Robinson is transferred and demoted after a verbal incident involving Gul Macet's personal guard and an airlock. She's given a chance by Captain Janeway who thinks she can rise back to her former position. After the Voyager's Ops Chief is killed in displacement, Robinson and a young graduate, Harry Kim vie for the position.

Lt Raven (Ryder) was a character I wrote for the Starquest RPG. A Fleet brat and major tomboy as a child, she grew up with an interest in guns and always wanted to join Starfleet Security. She gets impatient though and can use unorthodox, even blatent rule-bending methods to achieve her aims. Was transferred from the USS Midnight Sun to the USS Starquest after assaulting the Midnight Sun's XO who she said had been sexually harassing her. Her claim couldn't be directly proved, but there were other claims against him and judging it to be a case of "six of one, half dozen of the other", the officer in charge of her case simply chose to separate them. I chose Ryder as she gives off a deceiving aura of innocence which hides her sneaky gun-toting cowboy personality well.

Lt Severin (Christian) I wrote for the USS White Dwarf RPG a few years ago which didn't seem to last long. All business, gets things done, is good at putting the fear of God into people, has a black sense of humour. Basically Ivanova under a different name

The photo of Cmdr Nash (Ford) was created for another writer on the Starquest.
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