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Re: FANBOYS screening, photographer wants Trekkers

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I thought it was a cool movie. Not quite as well-made as Free Enterprise, and many would argue that it was not as funny as that film, and it certainly was quite a bit more simplistic. Free Enterprise was quite good on it's own, but it seemed to be waving its arms in the air saying "look! this is great writing! See! Wit. This is wit. This is really great, witty writing.' Whereas, Fanboys was from the heart.

Yeah, actually I didn't like Free Enterprise too much for that reason. It was rather annoying and it was almost like it was trying too hard to be something, if that makes any sense. I thought Fanboys was actually a much better movie, and there were quite a few really good jokes in it and pokes at pop culture. To me, it said a lot more than Free Enterprise did. Their van being their Millenium Falcon was inspired. The fact that TPM had already been released by the time it came out didn't hurt it at all. In fact, I'd go so far to say that it helped it, because we could laugh at the characters and their misfortune.
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