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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

As for Rhos...the "obvious" route would either be for her to be restored without problems, much to everyone's delight...or...

I dunno. There's an inkling in the back of my head suggesting that the poor lass has a target on her back.

I sincerely hope not. But I'm not convinced the trauma of having to wear the face of a Vorta forever could be handled by her--even if she is a Cardassian.

As for Speros...hmm. Somehow, I'm pining for something in a later battle where Speros has to directly depend on either Spirodopoulos or Folani for his life. Something to bring his arrogance down a notch.

That being said, I do like the contrast between him and Berat.

I, personally, do not feel pity towards Berat, per se--but a tremendous respect. He has stared death and weakness in the face--and has resolved that he will not succum, that he will triumph. (I wonder what a conversation between him and Ezri Dax would be like. Somehow...I'd think they'd both have a lot to say to each other, and could find their struggles have a lot in common....)
"I have been wounded but not yet slain. I shall lie here and bleed awhile. Then I shall rise and fight again."

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