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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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I keep hearing bad things about Coruscant Nights.
It had pros and cons. The pros include emphasis on Vader's strength in the Force, a subplot in the first book which acted as a kind of SOTE prequel, Force battles in the third book, Vader's confrontations with certain characters, and some other good ideas here and there.

The cons, however, include the worst clusterfuck of errors I've ever seen in this franchise, the worst part being the fact that the editors were completely asleep at the wheel and failed to catch any of the mistakes, preferring instead to go on the OS and crow about how much fun it was to read the book before everyone else.
My problem is mostly that the characters are the worst detectives in all existence. The books were billed as mysteries, yet they spend most of their time sitting around hoping that clues show up. I like the characters, especially Den Dhur and I-5YQ, but Jax is a bit flat and the female characters are pointless. The third one abandons all pretense of the mystery setup, though, and is all the better for it-- I liked it a lot. Wookieepedia tells me there's a fourth in the works; I'd still buy it.

Has anyone picked up any of the "new" Clone Wars novels by the Two Karens? I haven't got round to it yet.
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