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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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I think my least favorite thing about the Post-ROTJ novels is how pacifist and do-nothing all the Jedi are. Obviously this decision was made way before the Prequels came out and now they're stuck with it. But the Prequels showed the Jedi to be war generals while the NJO Jedi had a long tiresome debate about whether they should be fighting an extragalactic invasion because it might turn them to the dark side

Much as I love Luke in the Post-ROTJ novels, his reluctance to take action is really annoying.
As do I. Sometimes I read the books and think "Stop talking and go out and kick some ass!". Luke was never really reluctant to fight in the movies. I'm not sure why they make him less prone to kick butt in the novels.
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