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Re: What do you all think about the Batman: Arkham City News

Jax wrote: View Post
With it being done already apart from polishing as they claim, makes me wonder how long is the game?
from the article

What makes that bit of information particularly impressive is the fact the devs state that Arkham City is roughly "four or five-times bigger" than Arkham Asylum.
So four or five times bigger, but don't know how much longer

darthraidr wrote: View Post
good to see them taking time for polish.

games development times vary. i've been on projects where we've had about a year to get it done. most of the time, at that studio, it was about 18 months. i know some guys that have worked on a game for years before having it released (but those games are the exception in the industry).

i'd probably say the average is between 18-24 months.
In Valve terms YEARS or decades lol

Yeah, just depends on the project and the size of the team, a couple years is standard for the big games, others take less if they are sequels, but yeah, Valve, man, still waiting on Episode 3, heh
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